• Captain's Club Terms and Conditions

    1.‘Captain’s Club’ Coach Drivers and Tour Guides membership cards are issued at the sole discretion of Roadchef Motorways Limited (“the Company”), and upon acceptance of a completed application form.

    2. One membership card shall be issued to each coach driver or tour guide (“the applicant”) named on the application form. Only one active membership card per member.

    3. Replacement membership cards required due to damage or loss shall be issued at a cost of £2.00, inclusive of VAT on production of suitable identification. Damaged membership cards must be sent to Roadchef Motorways Ltd.

    4. Balances from lost or damaged cards will be transferred where possible but this is not guaranteed.

    5. Membership cards not used for 12 months or more will expire along with any unused balances

    6. Membership cards remain the property of Roadchef Motorways Limited at all times and the company reserve the right to cancel or amend the membership at any time.

    7. Any attempt to use a cancelled membership card will result in the card being retained by Roadchef Motorways Limited and the membership and privileges cancelled. Cancelled membership cards must be returned to Roadchef Motorways Ltd.

    8. The applicant shall notify Roadchef Motorways Limited, in writing, of any alterations to their commercial status or change of contact details. Such notifications shall be received within 14 days of the change taking place.

    9. In the event that the membership card is lost or stolen, or otherwise no longer in the possession of the named applicant, the applicant should notify Roadchef Motorways Ltd immediately.

    10.The information given on the application form will be stored and used by Roadchef Motorways Limited for administration, promotion and marketing purposes. Roadchef Motorways Limited may share information with organisations who are business partners of Roadchef Motorways Limited.

    11. Signature by the applicant on the application form shall serve as authorisation for Roadchef Motorways Limited to use such information as specified. If the applicant does not wish the information to be used in such a way, notification should be forwarded by letter to Roadchef Motorways Limited, within 28 days.

    12.Roadchef Motorways Limited reserves the right to reclaim any rewards added to membership cards in error or that are believed to be awarded fraudulently and to amend or cancel any of the rewards/privileges on the Captain’s Club membership scheme without prior notice.

    13.Roadchef Motorways Limited reserves the right to vary or amend these terms and conditions of use and the membership entitlements at any time without notification.

    14.The applicant may not assign or transfer their membership card.

    15.Any members found to be abusing the membership privileges or using the card fraudulently will have their membership cancelled and their employer notified.

    16.In the event of breach of these terms and conditions by the applicant Roadchef Motorways Limited reserves the right to cancel the membership