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Keep Magor Services On The M4 Relief Road

We need your support

Roadchef operates 20 motorway service areas across the UK, including 2 in Wales. We welcome over 2 million visitors to Magor Services every year.

Roadchef supports the delivery of an M4 Relief Road, as a vitally important infrastructure programme for Wales. As the Black Route currently stands, J23A and Magor Services will be excluded from the new M4.

This would leave a 49 mile gap between motorway service areas (MSAs). Existing guidance and industry standards recommend the maximum distance between MSAs should be 28 miles.

Drivers would be required to undertake a 2 mile diversion to access Magor Services under these plans. Independent research commissioned by Roadchef shows 68% of drivers would be less likely to use Magor Services if they were required to undertake such a diversion

We fear this will lead to a loss of trade at Magor, risking the 190 jobs at the site.

Roadchef is in dialogue with the Welsh Government to identify how J23A could be reconfigured to keep Magor Services on the M4, to keep drivers safe and keep local jobs.

We would be grateful for your support on this important issue.

Lindsay McCallum, Policy Adviser to Roadchef
020 7227 1644

Why We Need To Keep Magor Services

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Without Magor Services, there would be a 49 mile gap between motorway service areas.

HGV Loss

Loss of 40 HGV spaces as well as the potential loss of 190 jobs at the Magor Services site.

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The new diversion of up to 4.3 miles would mean drivers are 68% less likely to use these services.

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This will mean a 49 mile wait before the next service stop for restrooms, food and other service facilities.

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