• Captain's Club Terms of Usage

    1. Definitions

    The following expressions shall have the following meanings in this Agreement:

    "Account" means your Captain's Club account;

    "Agreement" means these Terms and Conditions between Roadchef Motorways Ltd and the User;

    "App" means a smartphone and website application;

    "Available Balance" means the value of your loyalty points on your Captain's Club account available for you to spend;

    "Barcode" means the barcode that appears when you press the “Scan Now” option on your Captain's Club application

    on your smartphone;

    "Loading" and "Loads" means adding loyalty points to your Account to increase your loyalty Balance;

    "Captains Club" means the App which is either downloaded onto your phone; or the app that is accessed via your web

    browser at roadchefcaptainsclub.upay.co.uk;

    "User" means the individual who downloads the Captain App onto their smartphone and creates an Account on the


    "Website" means www.roadchefcaptainsclub.upay.co.uk;

    "You" and "Your" means the User.

    2. Parties

    2.1 This Agreement is between You and Roadchef Motorways Ltd, registered address Roadchef House, Norton Canes MSA, Betty's Lane, Norton Canes, Cannock, Stafford, WS11 9UX England ("Roadchef" or 'We' or 'Us').

    3. Captain's Club Account

    3.1 Captain's Club is an App allowing the User to collect and spend loyalty points on their Account by displaying the Barcode in the App and allowing a retailer to scan the Barcode, or using your card at the point of sale card reader.

    3.2 Captain's Club can be used at all Roadchef service areas. Roadchef does not insure or guarantee the Available Balance on the Account.

    3.3 Captain's Club is not a credit card, bank card or debit card. By holding an Account you will not receive any interest, dividends or any other earnings on your Available Balance.

    3.4 Captain's Club does not charge any fees for creating Accounts or Loading.

    4. Loading your Captain's Club Account

    4.1 To load points onto your Account, first register on the Website and make an Account, then, visit any Roadchef service area with 6 or more passengers to have Loads made onto your Account.

    4.2 To check whether you have sufficient loyalty points you may check your Available Balance.

    4.3 The following limits apply to Loading:

    4.3.1 loads can only be made once per hour;

    4.3.2 loads can only be made with 6 or more passengers, this may need to be verified by showing Your relevant work/job ticket/sheet;

    4.3.2 loads can only be made on an active App or Captain's Club card;

    4.4 Any stipulated maximum and minimum may vary and any such changes shall be made by notifying Users on the Website, on the App or by communicating by email. Such changes shall not constitute an amendment to this Agreement.

    5. Using Captain's Club

    5.1 Captain's Club can be used at all catering outlets, WHSmith, SPAR and Days Inn at all Roadchef service areas. As long as:

    5.1.1 Your Account has been activated and is active.

    5.2 Once a User has authorised a transaction from their Account, Roadchef may be required to amend or cancel the transaction if it is thought that loyalty point were obtained in a fraudulent manner.

    7. Statements and Receipts

    7.1 Users are not sent any statements outlining transactions completed through Captain's Club. If Users require such information they must login to their Account on the Website where both the Available Balance and information relating to recent transactions will be available.

    7.2 Receipts for purchases made with a Captain's Club account are available upon request at the point of purchase at the time the User makes a payment using Captain's Club. This receipt will provide confirmation that payment was made using Captain's Club and the Available Balance remaining on the User's Account after the transaction.

    8. Security of Information

    8.1 Roadchef will communicate with Users via e-mail for issuing information about Your Account and Captains Club, it is therefore important that You keep the email address registered to Your Account up to date.

    8.2 Roadchef will create an Account for Users and issue the Captain's Club App on the basis of the information that Users have provided. Accordingly, You agree to provide accurate personal information and to inform Roadchef of any changes as soon as possible to ensure Roadchef's records are up to date.

    8.3 It is the User's responsibility to update any changes to their personal information on the Website.

    9. Termination or Suspension

    9.1 Roadchef may either (a) suspend or b) terminate a User's Account with immediate effect (or until a User's default has been remedied) if:

    9.1.1 Roadchef discover that information that has been provided at the time of registering Your Account was incorrect;

    9.1.2 there have been repeated failed log-ins to your Account;

    9.1.4 a User has breached this Agreement, or Roadchef have reason to believe that You have attempted to use Captain's Club in a negligent or fraudulent manner; In such an event, Roadchef may not inform the user in advance that their Account is suspended or terminated as the case may be.

    10. Unauthorised Transactions

    10.1 Captain's Club is treated in the same manner as cash; accordingly Users are responsible for all transactions associated with their Account, including both authorised and unauthorised transactions.

    10.2 In the event that a User's Account has been compromised either by the theft or loss of their smartphone, fraudulent transactions or through any other means, the User must immediately notify Captain's Club customer care on 0800 0322 969 or email coachsupport@roadchef.com. The customer care team will, following verification of your identity, freeze the Available Balance outstanding on the Account and release funds to create an Available Balance for the Captain's Club User via a replacement Account.

    10.3 Complaints Handling

    If you are unhappy in anyway with your Captain's Club account please contact us on 0800 0322 969 or email coachsupport@roadchef.com or complete our contact form us form at www.roadchef.com. We will conduct an investigation, correct any applicable error if found, as soon as reasonably possible and communicate the outcome to you. If no error was discovered that was our fault we will provide you with this confirmation.

    Part 2 - Further Legal Terms 1. Amendments

    1.1 Roadchef may amend the terms of this Agreement for the purposes of security, regulatory or business issues at any point without prior advance warning. Users will be notified of such changes via email. The amended terms will form part of a modified agreement (the "Modified Agreement") which will be displayed under such a heading on the Website.

    1.2 The terms outlined in such a Modified Agreement will take effect from the date of the email notifications and such terms will hence forth apply to all future transactions.

    2. Termination

    2.1 Roadchef may terminate this Agreement and the Account at any time following 30 days prior written notice being provided to a User.

    2.2 In the event of actual or suspected fraudulent or unauthorised transactions, immediate termination may be necessary.

    2.3 Following notice of termination, the User shall have until the date of termination the facility to spend the Available Balance. Roadchef has the right to either require such sums to be spent via Captain's Club.

    3. Limitations of Liability

    3.1 Roadchef will not be liable to the User for breach of contract, negligence or otherwise arising under or in connection with this Agreement for:

    3.1.1 a retailer refusing to accept a User's Captain's Club;

    3.1.2 any circumstance preventing a User from accessing their Captain's Club or their Account;

    3.1.3 any loss of loyalty points a User may encounter; and

    3.1.4 any corruption of the Captain's Club software or the Barcode.

    3.2 Roadchef's maximum liability to the User, whether in contract, tort or otherwise arising in connection with this

    Agreement, shall be limited to a total of £100.

    3.3 All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded.

    4. Data Privacy

    4.1 Roadchef's Data Privacy Policy shall apply and is available on the Website.

    5. Assignment

    5.1 Roadchef may transfer part or all of this Agreement to a third party provider by providing written notice to the Users. The company to whom the Agreement is transferred will be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any amendments or modifications that are made thereafter.

    6. Entire Agreement

    6.1 This Agreement and any documents executed pursuant to this constitute the entire Agreement between Roadchef and the User and supercedes all prior agreements and arrangements (if any) whether written, oral or implied between the parties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement all of which (if still effective at the date of this Agreement) shall be deemed to have been terminated by mutual consent with effect from the date of this Agreement.

    6.2 The User agrees that in entering into this Agreement, they have not been induced to enter into this Agreement by any representation or warranty other than those contained in this Agreement and have freely entered into this agreement. The User agrees that they shall have no remedy in respect of any other representation or warranty except in the case of fraud.

    7. Governing Law

    7.1 This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law.