• Family and Friends discount card Terms and Conditions 

    Roadchef reserves the right to amend or change the amounts, rules and conditions attached to the Family & Friends Discount Scheme without prior notice.  

    The Family & Friends Discount Card remains the property of Roadchef and the benefits are provided entirely at the Company’s discretion.


     One Family & Friends Discount Card will be issued to each employee of Roadchef, will be registered to that employee and is not transferable.

     Use of the Family & Friends Discount Card is the responsibility of the employee to whom the card is registered.

     The Family & Friends Discount Card must be produced at the beginning of a purchase for a discount to be obtained.  Discount cannot be applied if the card is not shown at the start of the transaction.

     Upon leaving Roadchef’s employment the Family & Friends Discount Card registered to that employee will be cancelled and must be returned to the employee’s manager.

     The Family & Friends Discount Card can only be used in the specified outlets at Roadchef Motorway Service Areas not including the forecourt.

     The Family & Friends Discount Card is valid only for use by the individual to whom the card is issued. The card must only be used to buy goods for their personal or immediate family use.

     The Family & Friends Discount Card is not a credit card. It entitles the holder to discounts on purchases but payments must be made in full at the time of the purchase.

     It is vitally important that the Family & Friends Discount Card is kept safe. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the employee with whom the card is registered who must inform their manager. Replacements are charged at £10 each and are available from the HR department at Norton Canes.

     The Family & Friends Discount Card can be used to obtain discounts on all Roadchef sites as specified by the Company.

     There is no minimum or maximum limit; however all purchases must be for personal use.