• Testimonials

    Read for yourself the experiences of Roadchef team members, supervisors and managers.

  • Douglas McRae

    Team Member

    Initially a Costa Team member, Douglas has now been with Roadchef for seven and a half years and has more recently been promoted to a Costa Supervisor, where he is currently learning new skills as well as teaching new team members about the brand standards required.

    When we asked Douglas what he liked most about working for Roadchef without hesitation he commented,

    "I am particularly customer focused and enjoy talking to a whole variety of people who visit Costa each day. On top of that, as a team we regularly have a laugh and a joke, which makes the whole experience extremely fulfilling."

    Douglas McRae
  • Nicola White

    Site Administrator

    Another long term servant to Roadchef, Nicola has been with us for nine years now and initially joined as a Team Member in the Restbite restaurant.

    As an Administrator, Nicola regularly deals with all of the cash which is generated on site, in addition to fulfilling a whole range of other administrative duties.

    However what she enjoys most about working at Roadchef is that,

    "Every day is a challenge to improve my skills and learn new tricks. At Roadchef there are always opportunities to progress through the company and my managers are always motivating me to achieve more."

    Indeed Nicola"s proudest moment at Roadchef came when she played the bagpipes in front of customers, in order to raise money for charity.

    When we asked her what three words she would use to describe Roadchef unsurprisingly Nicola said "Interesting", "Challenging" and "Motivational", which all bodes well for the next nine years!

    Nicola"s hobbies include horse riding and she also likes a good read of Horse and Hound from time to time. Her favourite food is Macaroni Cheese, particularly when she"s watching New Tricks on the TV and to finish she has a particular liking for Honeycomb ice cream.

    As her first car was a Rover Metro, if she won the lottery, Nicola would definitely be in the market for something more flash, with a new house and her own horse also on her wish list.

    November 2012

    Nicola White
  • Peter Watson

    Site Director

    Peter joined Roadchef in 2006 as a Catering Operations Manager, but now he manages the busiest single sided site on the Roadchef estate.

    When asked what he enjoys most about working at Roadchef Peter was quick to point out,

    "I enjoy the day to day challenge of dealing with a whole variety of people from customers to team members and contractors. Managing a high volume site with customers from all walks of life is not only a challenging but extremely rewarding, particularly when we get things right."

    He went on to add,

    "The three words which sum up Roadchef would be "Ambitious", "Driven" and "Tenacious" and it's this never say never attitude which maintains Roadchef's position as one of Britain"s leading Motorway Service Operators."

    Peter's proudest moment at Roadchef was successfully managing and controlling a large contingent of Everton and Liverpool fans on their way to the FA Cup final some years ago, which he described as "A potential nightmare, which passed off extremely quietly under the circumstances."

    Peter's first music album was Off The Wall by Michael Jackson and outside of work he is a Christian and regular church goer and can also often be found on the local golf course.

    He lists as some of his favourites, Jerk chicken, The Shawshank Redemption, 24 and Strawberry ice cream and says if he won the lottery he would send his parents on an all expenses paid cruise, pay off all his families debts and buy a large villa in Barbados, many miles from Staffordshire… dream on!

    November 2012

    Peter Watson
  • Damien Austin

    Team Member

    A relatively new recruit to the Roadchef team, Damien has been working as a WHSmith shop assistant for nearly a year now.

    He currently works on the night shift and his main responsibilities involve ensuring that the shop is clean and well stocked with all of the latest food, drink, confectionery, news and music products, in preparation for the following day"s business.

    Damien quotes his Roadchef highlights so far as,

    Working as part of a positive and knowledgeable team and helping out customers when they need something over and above the normal call of duty."

    Indeed Damien went on to explain how he recently helped an elderly couple who had taken a wrong turn, by pulling a map of the UK off the WHSmith shelf and showing them their correct route. He said that they were so grateful; it gave him a real buzz for the rest of his shift.

    When he"s not busy in WHSmith, Damien likes to go to the gym, read the latest edition of Zoo or eat Fillet Steak, watching the latest edition of Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV

    His first car was a 1985 Ford Escort 1.6, but if he won the lottery, Damien was quick to point out that he would quickly upgrade this and also purchase a mansion on an island in the Caribbean… but then wouldn"t we all!

    November 2012

    Damien Austin
  • Rebecca Pinks

    Rebecca has been with Roadchef for seven years, with much more to come so she says!

    She currently works as a Sales Assistant in WHSmith, where her main responsibilities involve serving customers, filling shelves, checking stock dates and upselling on key lines such as confectionery items and E-Lites cigarettes.

    Rebecca thinks that the variety of her job makes it interesting and point out that,

    "What makes my job at Roadchef most enjoyable is the variety of people I meet from all walks of life and indeed we have our fair share of famous personalities coming through the doors too!"

    She went on to add that the three words/phrases she would use to best describe Roadchef would be "Friendly", "Helpful staff" and "People orientated".

    In her own time Rebecca likes spending time with her family and fishing, but she also likes reading OK Magazine, watching scary movies and Magnum ice creams.

    Interestingly her first car wasn"t a car at all, it was in fact a motor bike and as a child Rebecca always wanted to be a Vet.

    As with many Roadchef employees if she won the lottery, Rebecca would be keen to help her family out first, before buying a house for her and her partner… and maybe even splashing out on a luxurious honeymoon, but maybe we need to talk to her partner about that one first!

    November 2012

    Rebecca Pinks, Team Member
  • Mark Sinclair

    Mark has been with Roadchef for just over a year and currently works as a Team Member in Restbite.

    Mark describes his day to day job as requiring many different skills,

    "I am a member of the Restbite self-service restaurant team and following my initial training I am now more than capable of completing a whole host of tasks from serving customers and operating the tills, to cleaning down tables and keeping seating areas clear for the next rush."

    He goes on to add,

    "What I like most about my job is interacting with members of the public, helping them find what they need and making sure they have a pleasant and enjoyable experience."

    Mark was also keen to point out that not only is Roadchef a welcoming and friendly place to work, but also a happy place for team members to gain valuable experience in the service industry.

    In his spare time Mark likes to play bowls and also mentions some of his favourites as reading the football magazine Four Four Two, eating pasta, watching movies such as The Lord of the Rings and TV programmes like Scrubs.

    And if he won the lottery his wish list would include a new house, car and luxury boat… good luck Mark!

    November 2012

    Mark Sinclair, Team Member
  • Hannah Penberthy

    Hannah has been a member of the Roadchef Team for four years and started life working in Wimpy, before this was refurbished into a Burger Company outlet a couple of years ago.

    She says,

    "I have a hard working and committed team, which I supervise on a day to day basis, to ensure that customers are getting quality products quickly and efficiently. When we are busy it is amazing how quickly the day goes."

    Hannah"s proudest moment at Roadchef was of course when she was promoted to supervisor and when we asked her which three words best described the company without hesitation she said "Fun", "Friendly" and "Exciting", which we certainly hope will encourage more and more people to join our ranks.

    Whilst as a child Hannah always wanted to work with animals and said that the first music she bought was by The Spice Girls, nowadays outside of work she loves football, reading The Sun, watching Eastenders and apparently eating sweets and chocolate ice cream!

    If she won the lottery, not surprisingly Hannah would buy a nice house, a private jet (presumably to rival the Spice Girls) and a luxury car… now tell me what you want, what you really really want!

    November 2012

    Hannah Penberthy, Supervisor
  • Emma Cairns-Baker

    A long standing member of the Roadchef Team, Emma joined the company eight years ago working in what was at that time Roadchef"s own branded retail store.

    Emma was subsequently promoted to a Cash Office Supervisor and says of her current role,

    "I am responsible for the day to day running of the cash office, ensuring that all cash procedures are followed in each and every catering and retail unit. I then report on any discrepancies to my immediate line manager and put procedures in place to address any issues."

    She goes on to add,

    "My job is extremely fast paced and challenging, but I am always looking at ways to improve the efficiency of how we handle all of the cash in the business, in order to help optimise our profitability."

    Emma also mentioned that her proudest moment so far at Roadchef was when her site recently became the first business in the southern region to deliver a superior cash office audit score!

    As far as her music tastes go, the first album Emma purchased was By The Way by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and her first car was a Daewoo. She also lists as some of her favourites the New Scientist, coconut curry, The English Patient, The Vicar of Dibley and Strawberry ice cream.

    And finally, when we asked her what three things she would buy if she won the lottery, she didn"t hesitate to say that first she would pay off her student loan, before splashing out on a new car and a trip around the World!

    November 2012

    Emma Cairns-Baker, Supervisor
  • Sara D'Almeida

    Sara has been with Roadchef for 3 years now and whilst she started life as a Cashier in Restbite, her time on the Fastlane Management Development Programme has helped her to progress to Assistant Unit Manager for Hot Food Co.

    When we asked Sara to explain what she most liked about working for Roadchef, she didn"t hesitate to say,

    "I love working for such a dynamic team and dealing directly with customers at the sharp end of the business. I am extremely proud when my team are able to provide excellent customer service, particularly when we receive feedback which confirms this."

    Summing Roadchef up in three words proved a little more difficult for Sara, but she went on to add.

    "Roadchef is a great place to work but if I had to describe the business in 3 words they would be professional, challenging and teamwork."

    When she"s not working, Sara likes walking and listening to music, particularly Guns N" Roses and lists as some of her favourites, reading National Geographic, eating Chinese food and watching Russell Howard"s Good News.

    Although she always wanted to become a doctor, Sara seems to have landed on her feet at Roadchef and says if she won the lottery she would buy a house with a fabulous swimming pool, travel around the world and set up her own business, but hopefully not one to rival her current one!

    November 2012

    Sara D'Almeida, Assistant Unit Manager
  • Laura Alexandra

    Laura has been with the Roadchef team since 2004 and initially joined as a Team Member in Costa, before being promoted to Unit Manager for the same brand.

    Describing her current job Laura says,

    "I look after two busy Costa units, with a total of ten team members and we are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all of our customers have an experience to remember, whilst at the same time maintaining the very strict Costa brand standards."

    She goes on to add,

    "What I like most about my role at Roadchef is that every day is different, with regular new challenges. However, it"s important to add that, I couldn"t possibly do my job efficiently and effectively without the help of such a great team and of course my site Managers."

    In addition, Laura was keen to point out that what makes her proud at Roadchef is when her Costa units consistently achieve good audit scores.

    Whilst she was growing up, she always wanted to be a school teacher and even admitted that her first music purchase was a Spice Girls album, but today she lists her hobbies as walking and going out for dinner, especially for a pizza!

    And if Laura won the lottery, she would move all of her family to Australia, buy new cars and houses for everyone and then give a nice donation to charity… so let"s hope the Costa brand continues to flourish on the other side of the World if she does!

    November 2012

    Laura Alexandra, Unit Manager
  • Helen Thorn

    A relative newcomer to Roadchef, Helen has been with the company for nearly two years and works as a Restbite Manager.

    About her current position, Helen comments,

    "Roadchef is a fast paced, varied and friendly environment. My job is an extremely hands on catering role, but I wouldn"t be where I am now without the support and hard work of some fifteen to twenty team members."

    She goes on to add,

    "What I most like about working for the company is that there are plenty of opportunities to build on your skills and progress through the ranks. Nothing seems to stand still for very long and that includes me."

    In her spare time Helen is a keen cyclist and lists as some of her favourites, OK magazine, strawberries, the TV programme Family Guy and the film The Guardian.

    But if she won the lottery, Helen might just change a bit of all that and says she would buy a fully furnished house and take a much needed expensive holiday.

    November 2012

    Helen Thorn, Unit Manager
  • Denise Dalrymple

    Denise was first employed by Roadchef as a housekeeper some seventeen years ago and having been briefly transferred to Whitbread to help run a Premier Inn, she re-joined the ranks officially when Days Inn replaced Premier Inn in 2010.

    Denise describes her current job by saying,

    "I am responsible for the day to day running of the Days Inn hotel as well its financial performance and brand standards. This can only be achieved with a strong and committed team, which has helped the hotel to achieve great success after the change over from Premier Inn."

    What Denise likes most about working for Roadchef is that every day is different. She enjoys dealing with customers and like so many Roadchef employees is extremely people orientated.

    When asked what her proudest moments at Roadchef are, Denise says, without hesitation,

    "Every time you pass a brand audit, you feel a sense of achievement, but a few years ago we also won an award for having the highest brand standards in Roadchef and the whole team enjoyed a night out, complete with Limo, which was the icing on the cake."

    At home, Denise loves Motown music and says her grandson and pet Labrador keep her more than busy, but she also lists as some of her favourites, Hello magazine, Sunday roasts, Bridget Jones"s Diary and Coronation Street.

    But what if she won the lottery? Well Denise would take holiday 1, followed by holiday 2 and holiday 3, but not presumably in the Morris Minor she had when she first hit the road!

    November 2012

    Denise Dalrymple, Unit Manager
  • Andrea Ward

    Another loyal servant to Roadchef, Andrea has been with the company for nine years and initially joined as a Forecourt Cashier on the nightshift, before being promoted to her current position of Administration Manager.

    She says,

    "I deal with the back office side of things, from inputting invoices to managing the busy cash office. In addition, I also liaise closely with stock takers with regard to period end accounts."

    Andrea goes on to explain

    "Roadchef is a particularly fast paced environment to work in, which means that I am learning all of the time, regularly facing new challenges and taking new opportunities on board. Having said that it"s a fun and friendly place to be and no two days are ever the same."

    In her distant past, Andrea"s first car was a Rover 25 and her first album was by A-Ha, but luckily she always wanted to be an Accountant, so she"s not far from her ambition.

    But what if Andrea won the lottery? Would she still be working at Roadchef? Well luckily she did answer the first question and told us that she would definitely buy a new car and gifts for her family and friends, as well as jetting off for a fantastic holiday!

    November 2012

    Andrea Ward, Operations Manager
  • Steve Thomas

    Steve joined Roadchef some five and a half years ago, as a Site Director, with full management responsibility and seven direct reports, ensuring that his site operates safely, legally and of course profitably.

    When we asked Steve what he enjoys most about working at Roadchef he was keen to point out that,

    "Every single day provides a new challenge. The pace with which the business in general and my service area in particular moves is so fast, that we all need to remain focused and agile in order to achieve our goals."

    Steve went on to add,

    "My proudest moments at work involve coaching and guiding my team to continually achieve record sales year on year, despite the difficult economic climate."

    Indeed, in three words, Steve describes Roadchef as "Innovative", "Fast" and "Challenging", as he pointed out that not many businesses have quite the same footfall as a Motorway Service Area, particularly during peak holiday periods and at weekends.

    Outside of his hectic Roadchef schedule, Steve is a keen runner; loves Jamie Oliver inspired food, Top Gear and Raspberry Ripple ice cream and as a child always wanted to be a Fireman. He also quoted his favourite band as Duran Duran, which might just give a clue as to his age!

    If he won the lottery, Steve is keen on bagging himself a Ferrari, but also says he would splash out on holidays for his parents and a trip to Disney for his kids… so here"s to wishing!

    November 2012

    Steve Thomas, Site Director
  • Marie Grady

    An extremely long standing servant to Roadchef, Marie has been with us for 23 years and initially joined as a Catering Assistant. Progressive promotion has seen her rise through the ranks to Assistant Site Director.

    She comments,

    "As an Assistant Site Director, I am not only responsible for the day to day running of one of Britain"s busiest Motorway Service Areas, but most importantly for the site"s profit and loss account and the delivery of all of its key performance indicators (KPI"s)."

    She goes on to add,

    "What I most like about working for Roadchef is the fast, busy environment and working with people. It"s a challenging and ever changing work place, but in saying that we have a very supportive culture both at my site and throughout the business as a whole."

    Her proudest moment at Roadchef came recently when her site won a number of awards at the annual Everyday Heroes Awards night, held at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham.

    As a youngster Marie was a fan of Boy George and drove a blue Datsun but now in her spare time she enjoys reading and lists the Titanic as her favourite film.

    Whilst she always wanted to be a nurse, 23 years at Roadchef has put pay to that idea and if she won the lottery she would buy a country retreat, a holiday home abroad and a new car. Just a pity Datsun is still not in business!

    November 2012

    Marie Grady, Assistant Site Director
  • Sarah Pilling

    Sarah began her career at Roadchef some four years ago as Retail Operations Manager at Chester services, but now runs her own site in the north of England.

    In three words… well four actually, Sarah describes Roadchef as "Fun", "Team Orientated" and "Exciting"

    She goes on to say,

    "It is such a pleasure to be running arguably one of Roadchef"s most picturesque sites in the north of England. What I love most about working for the company is that no two days are ever the same and each day brings with it a new challenge or opportunity."

    When we asked Sarah what her proudest moment was whilst working for Roadchef, without hesitation she was keen to point out,

    "I was so proud to gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Audit Management whilst still working full time and this has particularly helped me in my current role with the company."

    Out of work Sarah loves to travel and has always wanted to since childhood, so unsurprisingly when we asked what she would do if she won the lottery she said travel and then travel some more, oh and of course look after my family.

    When she"s not travelling, Sarah likes to read books, eat Asian food, watch CSI on TV and lists as her favourite film National Velvet.

    November 2012

    Sarah Pilling, Site Director
  • Iain Thomson

    Iain joined Roadchef eighteen month ago as Assistant Manager in Restbite, but was quickly promoted to Operations Manager.

    Iain says,

    "I"m currently Operations Manager and have direct accountability for the operation of all catering brands, as well as WHSmith and Days Inn. Whilst it"s a challenging role, the job is made that much easier and fun by the support of such a great team."

    When we asked Iain to tell us what he liked most about working for Roadchef he was quick to point out,

    "No two days are ever the same, there"s always something new and exciting around the corner and the more questions you ask, the more you can get involved in finding the solutions to problems, not just at your own site, but also for the business as a whole."

    And what is Iain"s proudest moment in Roadchef colours?

    "Faced with the bleak winter of 2010, we managed to turn the southbound car park and amenities building at my site into a refuge for hundreds of stranded motorists. We didn"t stop making hot chocolate and chips all night and customers were so appreciative of our efforts, it made it all worthwhile"

    On the social side Iain is a keen hill walker and golfer, so unsurprisingly his ideal day would involve driving up to the highlands of Scotland for a cheeky round of golf.

    And when he"s not in the outdoors, Iain likes nothing more than eating a Pizza in front of his favourite TV programme 24.

    When we asked him what he would do if he won the lottery, Iain replied,

    "I"d buy my folks their own house, as I wouldn"t hear the end of it if I didn"t! Then I would take all my mates to the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix and rent out a luxury boat for the weekend and mix with all the stars"

    Sounds like Iain would be a good mate to have for sure!

    November 2012

    Iain Thomson, Site Director
  • Liz Testagrossa

    Liz began her time at Roadchef as Assistant Site Manager and two and a half years later finds herself managing one of Britain"s busiest Motorway Service Areas.

    When we asked her about her current role she was keen to point out,

    "I have overall responsibility for running a very busy service area on a day to day basis. This means ensuring that all of our customer"s expectations are met and exceeded, as well as managing the teams who run our McDonald"s, Costa, Hot Food Co., WHSmith and Days Inn brands, not to mention our Shell petrol forecourts."

    She went on to add,

    "Roadchef is fast paced, challenging and innovative and what I most like about working for the company is the variety of work involved. Every day is different and every day offers a new challenge or a new opportunity."

    Regarding her proudest moment at Roadchef she didn"t hesitate to mention being involved in the complete refurbishment of her site which re-opened with new McDonald"s restaurants, Costa outlets and Hot Food Co. units towards the end of 2010.

    When she was younger, Liz always wanted to be a primary school teacher and drove around in her first car, a Mini, but nowadays her favourite pastimes involve shopping, watching Holby City and roast dinners, finished off with Ben and Jerry"s Caramel Chew Chew ice cream.

    If she was lucky enough to win the lottery Liz would buy a new house with its very own housekeeper and gardener, as well as a luxury house in the sun.

    November 2012

    Liz Testagrossa, Site Director Designate
  • Paul Matthews

    Paul joined Roadchef as Site Director at Annandale Water services 6 years ago and recently said that his proudest moment at work was when he was promoted to Area Director in December 2008, looking after 5 Roadchef Motorway Service Areas.

    When recently asked what his typical day consisted of, Paul was quick to explain about the variety which his role entails,

    "There is no such thing as a typical day at Roadchef, because although we plan events and schedule various meetings, the business moves so quickly that one phone call can quite literally change my focus. One minute I can be interviewing or undertaking a brand audit or financial review, the next I can be discussing an immediate customer issue with a Manager or Team Member at one of our service areas."

    Paul goes on to add that the three words which best describe working for Roadchef are "Challenging", "Fast" and "Rewarding" and that he often needs to think on his feet, in order to help solve business problems or improve a site"s financial performance.

    Out of work Paul is a keen Blackburn Rovers fan and season ticket holder, loves Italian food, The Sopranos and Tutti Frutti ice cream and even recently admitted that his first record was "Thing called Love" by Johnny Cash and his first car was a Ford Capri, in a very tasteful bright yellow!

    If he won the lottery, the first three things Paul said he would buy would be a house for his daughters, a retreat abroad and a Lamborghini… presumably in blue and white!

    November 2012

    Paul Matthews, Area Director
  • Liz Robertson

    Liz joined Roadchef over 35 years ago as a Junior File Clerk and is one of the longest standing Roadchef employees.

    Progressive promotion has led Liz to her current position as UK Payroll Manager.

    We asked Liz what she enjoyed most about her current role and what key things she would say to describe Roadchef and she was keen to point out that,

    "I really do enjoy resolving issues with regard to employees pay throughout the Roadchef business and always appreciate it when my colleagues thank me for what I do. The environment at Roadchef is both flexible and challenging and when we do have the odd frustration, the business will listen and often change to improve the current situation."

    Her proudest moment at Roadchef was of course "Surviving 35 years", but then again the first single she bought was A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procul Harum, which she claims is the most played song in public places in the UK in the last 75 years!

    In her own time Liz quotes Genealogy (tracing family history) as her favourite hobby and also loves Chinese food, The Apprentice and Mint Choc Chip ice cream.

    As a child Liz always wanted to be self reliant and if she won the lottery the first three things she would buy are a house by the sea, a TV for the bathroom and a time machine to get her anywhere in the world in an instant!!

    November 2012

    Liz Robertson, UK Payroll Manager
  • Barry O'Hara

    Barry has been with Roadchef for 9 years and has consistently come through the ranks from his first position as a cashier in Wimpy, to his current position of a Brand Training Advisor for Costa.

    Having worked in Wimpy, Barry knows more than anyone about the need to maintain standards day in day out and comments with much enthusiasm about his current role,

    "Being part of one of the country"s leading coffee brands and motorway service companies all rolled into one is quite a challenge, although I always try to ensure that all of Roadchef"s Costa units are consistent with the Costa brand in delivering great coffee at speed and with a smile."

    He goes on to add that the most enjoyable things about working for Roadchef are "That no two days are ever the same." and "It"s the people you work with that make the difference."

    Barry"s proudest moment in a Roadchef shirt was winning a coveted award at a recent Everyday Hero Awards event, where he was recognised for his achievements in front off all of his peers.

    When he"s not checking out the standards in Costa, Barry loves a night of poker as well as reading Viz, eating a tasty sausage casserole or watching Lost with a bowl of tasty Mint Choc Chip ice cream.

    When asked what would be the first three things he would buy if he won the lottery, Barry said firstly he would buy a massive telly, then a big house to put the telly in, followed by a much needed holiday… good luck!

    November 2012

    Barry OHara, Brand Training Advisor
  • Mike Heaton

    With four and a half years at Roadchef under his belt, Mike joined as Director of Loss Prevention in 2008, before recently also assuming responsibility for the Commercial function.

    Mike describes his dual role in the following way,

    "I have overall responsibility for all commercial income within the business (non-catering and non- retail income), covering 34 Adult Gaming Centres, parking income, concessions, vending, ATM machines, BT payphones, car and truck washes, electric vehicle charging points and third party advertising. In addition, I am accountable for all matters relating to loss prevention within the company and play a key role in ensuring that all the money we receive from customers hits the bottom line."

    Mike goes on to add

    "I love the variety of my current role, interacting with managers and team members within the business and also meeting a whole host of suppliers and concessions. If I was to sum Roadchef up in three words they would be "Innovative", "Friendly" and "Modern", as the company is always moving forward."

    Mike sights his proudest moment at Roadchef as passing his Honours degree in "Counter Fraud and Criminal Justice Studies", allowing him to improve his own knowledge and performance.

    As you can probably guess, outside of work Mike enjoys circuit training, but he also lists as some of his favourites, FHM magazine, curry, the film Top Gun, the TV programme Spartacus and Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

    Not surprisingly as a child Mike wanted to be a policeman or a rugby player, but now says that if he won the lottery he would have an Aston Martin DB9, rather than his first car a banana yellow Mk2 Ford Escort and would buy houses for all of his family as well as a house in the country for himself.

    November 2012

    Mike Heaton, Director of Commercial and Loss Prevention
  • Paula Smith

    Paula started her career at Roadchef working at Touchbase conference centre, but some 8 years later is now part of the Support Office team based at Norton Canes.

    On a day to day basis Paula deals with all Roadchef customer comments and coach driver queries and regularly supports the efforts of some of the senior PA"s within the business.

    When asked what she enjoys most about working for Roadchef, Paula replied,

    "I love working with people and am often in contact with customers who have queries, as well as supporting my colleagues at all 20 Roadchef Motorway Service Areas. Roadchef is exciting, challenging and fast moving and I really enjoy being part of a successful business."

    Paula"s proudest moment since taking up her current role was when Roadchef were announced as runner up at the Coach Industry Awards, testament to all of the hard work she puts in to make sure that coach drivers and passengers alike receive top quality service every time.

    In her own time Paula loves spending time with her daughter and lists as some of her favourites, Hello magazine, cheese, James Bond films, the X Factor and Vanilla ice cream.

    Whilst her first car was a Ford Fiesta, if she won the lottery she would rather upgrade to a Motor home, as well as buying houses for her family and a new house with a swimming pool for herself… here"s hoping!

    November 2012

    Paula Smith, Administrator
  • Fiona Riley

    Fiona joined Roadchef in 2008 as a Financial Analyst, but was subsequently promoted to Management Accountant for the northern region.

    She says,

    "I enjoy working with such a great team of people. Roadchef is a friendly, professional and accommodating company to work for and I am happy to be part of its continued success."

    She went on to add,

    "And as well as the great working environment, from time to time we also have the bonus of seeing some of the Strictly Coming Dancing stars as they pass through the services on their way up to Blackpool."

    Outside of work Fiona is a keen hockey player and lists as some of her favourites, Hello magazine, Indian food, the movie Kill Bill and the TV soap Coronation Street. She went on to reveal that if she won the lottery that a new motorbike, car and house would all be at the top of her wish list.

    November 2012

    Fiona Riley, Management Accountant (North)