• Energy Policy

    As part of its Corporate Responsibility Programme, Roadchef is committed to ensuring that its office premises are constructed and operated in a way which considers both environmental and energy impacts.

    To that end, Roadchef will

     - Consider energy consumption and carbon emissions when purchasing, refurbishing and leasing properties.
     - Seek to use sustainable sources of energy where it is commercially feasible, to reduce overall carbon emissions
     - Purchase energy and fuel at the most economic cost, reducing the usage of fossil fuel wherever possible
     - Comply with the relevant legislation

    We will / have achieve(d) these aims by

     - Promoting the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Programme which includes the Energy Policy, the Environmental Policy and the Purchasing Policy
     - Liaising with refurbishment building designers to ensure properties are acquired and / or refurbished with consideration to energy consumption
     - Invest in a companywide project to reduce energy consumption using proven technologies.
     - Ensuring that renewable energy is always considered as an option when making supply procurement decisions
     - Periodically running energy conservation awareness campaigns to widen the knowledge base of staff
     - Encouraging staff and contractors to further highlight opportunities for energy savings
     - Invest in a specialist energy consultancy organisation dedicated to offering best practice and ensuring maximum efficiencies are realised

    Simon Turl

    Carbon Trust